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Analytical System for 102 College Entrance Examinations

Transcripts of the college entrance examination are sent to the examinees. Professional team from the Department of Information Management of Providence University unified the professors’ expertise to develop the “Analytical System for 102 College Entrance Examination.” It provides a precise but free analytical system for examinees where they only need to key in the final grades of the student’s examination and the system can identify and match the department by using five different colors to show different results.

Mr. Yioa-ling Lin says the dream department is represented by the red  color which means the examinee’s grades are higher; the attempted department is represented by the purple color which means that the department is a little bit higher than the examinee’s grades; the best placement is the blue color representing the departments which  correspond to the examinee’s grades; the cautious sign is the orange color which represents the departments that are a little bit lower than the examinee’s grades; the certain department is the green color that represents the departments which are much lower than the examinee’s grades.

     When the examinees are signing their wishes list, it is suggested that it is better for them to take “the best placement” as their priority which takes 50% of success of getting the entrance to the university, while the cautious sign and the certain department take 30% to 40%, the dreamed department and the attempted department take 20% to 10%.

Providence University provides the Analytic System for College Entrance Examination for free from now to July 28th and welcomes the examinees to use. Log on to (http://forecast.edu.tw/)