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Providence Universityˇ¦s Youth Ambassadors in El Salvador


Providence University Youth Ambassadors went to El Salvador on the 26th of July with a mission of holding a croquet promotion at the Jorge “Magico” Gonzalez Soccer Field. More than 40 coaches and teachers attended the event that was hosted by the local R.O.C Ambassador, Chen Shin Dong and the Chairman of the INDES, Jamie Rodriguez. Chen Shin Dong was quoted as saying, “Croquet is new ball sport that has committee branches in 33 countries and regions around the world; it was invented by a Taiwanese businessman named, Wong Ming Hui in 1990, and is now an official sports event in the Asian Athletic Association; it is a sport suitable for all ages and can be played as a hobby.”
The Youth Ambassadors wish to spread the popularity of this sport in the world especially in El Salvador. Mr. Jamie Rodriguez, while welcoming the Taiwanese Youth Ambassadors with open arms, pointed out that croquet is a fairly simple sport and great for socializing, thus he says, it is a sport worth knowing. Mr. Jamie Rodriguez, who loves sports, swung the mallet with Ambassador Chen Shin Dong and successfully scored some goals which won the applause of the audience. Fifty (50) other local students took a swing at the mallet to experience the croquet sport in the afternoon. The number of people who experienced it for themselves was estimated to be about 200 people. Indeed, the presence of the Youth Ambassadors from Providence University in Taiwan has helped in the widespread promotion of this new ball game called Croquet in El Salvador.

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