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Providence Universityˇ¦s Youth Ambassadors in El Salvador


The Youth Ambassadors Taiwan from Providence University led by Professor Yu-Xin Zheng went to Nicaragua for interactive purposes. There were press conferences and interviews by newspapers and radio programs arranged by the Embassy of the Republic of China in Nicaragua that caught the attention of all social media.
The Youth Ambassadors were interviewed live on the National Broadcasting Station and were asked questions such as their purpose for visiting, their impression of Nicaragua and the specifics of their interactive activities scheduled on the 20th.  After that, they visited the Private Business Technology University where they participated in the cultural exchange activities.
All the members of the mission showed their enthusiasm at introducing Taiwan by introducing its music and by teaching the Nicaraguan students and teachers how to write Chinese calligraphy. More than one hundred Nicaraguan teachers and students participated in Chinese calligraphy writing. In return, the Nicaraguan students performed their traditional dance and even invited the Youth Ambassadors to join them. Both of them shared a joyful and harmonious cultural exchange.
In addition, the meal shared was definitely a feast. The Private Business Technology University prepared traditional Nicaraguan food while Taiwan Embassy prepared Fried spring rolls, fried rice, fried rice noodles, pan-fried dumplings and sweet and sourpork ribs.
Taiwan Ambassador, Ying-Hui Xie, guided the group to National Autonomous University of Nicaragua for interaction. Principal Elmer Cisneros gladly accompanied them all the way to the university.
At the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, the Youth Ambassadors introduced Taiwan by performing martial arts called Taijiquan Kung Fu Fan while   students from National Autonomous University of Nicaragua performed their folk music and taught them cricket. The teachers and the students were fascinated with   cricket and enjoyed playing with each other.
Principal Elmer Cisneros invited the Youth Ambassadors to visit a lizard farm at the end of that day. It was such a memorable experience for all of them for having had the chance to touch lizards for the first time and learned the growth process of the lizards as well.

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