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Providence University Brings Forth Innovative Services


       The “2013 Science Service Research Forum” was held at Providence University to make innovative services and better understanding of science which is geared towards promoting government academic research, interdisciplinary cooperation network in order to elevate enterprise competitiveness. The forum aims to train innovative thinkers and produce new service ideas through the exchange of experiences and seminars of three major elements; management applications, technological development and academic research.
  The theme of the “2013 Science Service Research Forum” was medical care services. Experts in different fields were invited to discuss how to enhance the quality of long distance medical care services with informatics technology. Associate Professor Gu Yi Zheng from the Department of Information Management Department, Providence University commented that interdisciplinary cooperative networks can be established by the innovation of service ideas through diverse interflow.
  Professor Chen Hong Ji, from the Department of Business Administration, National Taiwan University pointed out that service science is a combination of fields from information, society, humanities, psychology and business. He also added that it is able to increase enterprise competitiveness by adding innovation, inspiration, quantifying service values and effective managements.
  Professor Lai Fe Pi from the Department of Biomedical Electronics and Informatics Institute, National Taiwan University quoted in his lecture that, “long distance medical care is the future of medical care in Taiwan.” People in Taiwan can use long distance medical care systems to help diabetes patient for example. This system can help supervisors or self-supervised patients to give doctors more precise information on their sickness.
  Professor Lin Fu Ren from the Institute of Service Science Tsing Hua University was also invited to talk about “Service Science Case Writing Workshop”, “Local Practice Workshop” and “Thesis Writing Seminar in the Field of Service Science”. He also shared his knowledge on how to achieve abundant scholarship and project cooperation through sharing experiences and interactions.