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Taiwanese Youth Ambassadors Visit El Salvador


       The Taiwan Embassy in El Salvador held the closing ceremony for the youth ambassador’s interaction activity on the 28th of August. The ceremony was hosted by Taiwan Ambassador, Chen Shin Dong. During the activity, the youth ambassadors conducted calligraphy teachings and other activities.
 El Salvador’s minister of foreign affairs, Garcia and 80 other teachers and students from the National Salvador University and the Francisco Gavidia University attended the event.
  The atmosphere on site was bursting with youthful moods from vibrant students.
Chen Shin Dong commented that the International Ambassadors have already been cooperating with El Salvador many times before but Providence University Youth Ambassadors consisting of 6 talented girls led by Associate Professor of the Spanish Department, Paco K.S. Ho. They have already proven themselves to be excellent female ambassadors.
  The youth ambassadors visited the OCBC Centre, the El Salvador Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Salvador University and the Francisco Gavidia University.  They interacted with activities such as classical fan dance, learning Chinese through singing, calligraphy, paper cutting, cooking and the introduction of Taiwanese tourism. They were abundantly praised for their excellent performance in the activities and were even reported by the major Medias of El Salvador. In addition to those events, there was also the promotion of croquet that was sponsored by El Salvador Sports Commission where they also received much praise.
  The delegation also visited Mr. Sigfrido Reyes, the Chairman of El Salvador’s National Congress, and the Central American Integration System, in order to get a better understanding of the congress plenary which also presents the Central American Integration System.
  The Youth Ambassadors also visited Morazán in order to show their care for the disadvantaged. They showed them paper cutting, calligraphy and other traditional Chinese culture. In their free time, they visited El Salvador’s ancient architectures, the Mayan relics and other cultural destinations.