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The Freshmen Creative Costume Party


  The Freshmen of Providence University were proud to present their annual Halloween Costume Party. This year, the chosen theme was, “The Night of the Ghosts.” In this regard, the contestants dressed up in costumes of vampires, spirits, witches and zombies made from recyclable items. Through the parades, drama, dances and runway shows, the contestants astonished the audience with their creative performances.

  Chief Secretary, Prof. Yin-Te Tsai, says that the Freshmen Costume Party has become a tradition at Providence University whose activities have brought the students together and inspired their creativities. This year, the International exchange students have been invited to share their ideas and to present a certain characteristic of different nations.

  Ceng ,Yu-Cheng, a student from the Cosmetic Science Department and also the Chief Coordinator, informed that there were a total of 15 freshman groups attending the party where each group wrote their script based on the topic, “Phantoms of the East and West.” All the groups used materials from the recyclable items in making their props.  Awards were given out at the end of the party including The Scariest Award, The Funniest Award and The Best Sportsmanship Award.

  Huang, Qing -Fu from the Department of Social Work & Child Welfare acknowledged that the freshmen brainstormed and created everything from the costumes for the party to the script for the drama. The students truly put in their best efforts to accomplish an awesome Halloween Show. It was indeed a remarkable experience like no other.