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Taichung Labor College Commemorates Its 10th Year Anniversary Providence Praised for Undertaking Training Courses


   Taichung Labor College celebrated its 10th year anniversary with Mayor Hu Zhi Jiang, Taichung City mayor and principal of the Labor College in attendance. Its alumni and some business representatives have also been invited to grace the occasion at the Municipal Building. Providence University was applauded for launching training courses.
  Mayor Hu expressed that being a college principal was his life-long dream. He says he always feels a sense of accomplishment whenever his students improve in their endeavor. He remembers when he was a professor teaching in college, he was always envious of the principals because they could run an ideal school. Now that he is a principal himself, he is very grateful for the opportunity because finally he can also run an ideal school.
Ten years ago, on August 11, 2004 Taichung Labor College was founded. The number of students has increased by 20 times since then. At present, the college has about 25 thousand students provided with the best courses for Taichung laborers. Mayor Hu takes pride in assisting companies at planning specific courses. His job as a principal gives him a great sense of achievement and makes him truly proud.
      Meanwhile, Providence University provides courses such as Language, Computers, Life Applications and Industry Development Applications. PU also conducts seminars and book meetings for those who are not able attend regular classes. Setting up more locations, online courses and increasing the number of credit certificate courses for the laborers who want to take advanced studies are the current goals of PU for Taichung Labor College.