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Free Legal Services Provided by Providence University


   Do you have law issues and you can’t get any help? Well, here is what you need.  The Legislation Service Group of Providence University and the Judicial Reform Foundation are now collaborating with each other to solve legal issues that concern the general public!
      Both the Legislation Service Group and the Judicial Reform Foundation will provide free legal services. This way, students are able to learn through the experience and develop social concern while they are serving the public as noted by Mr. Huang Wei-Ting, president of the Legislation Service Group.

      Mr. Huang Wei-Ting also stated that besides the death of Hung Chung-Chiu case, the Legislation Service Group is now providing support to the factory workers in Miaoli City by filing an appeal for those workers whose factories had been closed. At the same time, they also intend to present the controversy in connection with the unemployment rate as well as the employment loans, both of which must be addressed by going through legal processes involving the public law or the private law. They will continue to provide support to the major cases involving the public and cooperate with the Department of Social Work & Child Welfare and with the Department of Mass Communication in order to assist with more cases in the future.