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The Blind Can Easily Shop Now


      It is common for anyone to shop at supermarkets or buy books at bookstores but what about the blind?  How do they go shopping? It is completely another situation for the sightless people to pick what they want to buy. However, Providence University has invented the so called, “B-Tag”, the automatic recognizing system for the sightless people. B-Tag is the newest invention for the physically challenged people and the inventor wants it to be accessible to them whenever they go shopping.
      In order to help the blind people to correctly tell similar things and immediately get the relative information, PU President Chuan Yi Tang, together with Assistant Professor Tzu Fang Hsu from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering and Assistant Professor Hsiao Ping Li from the Department of Medical Informatics in Chung Shan Medical University, collaborated to research and develop the B-Tag.
       President Chuan Yi Tang noted that the B-Tag has overcome some technical problem and this system is going to be available next year. He says it is different from the barcode-scanning system used in smart phones. This new technique can scan in a certain distance without aiming at the barcode.
      Prof. Tzu Fang Hsu added that it is difficult for the sightless people to use the old barcode system because it is hard to use and the visually impaired cannot rely on them. Thanks to this new discovery, soon, this B-Tag system by Providence University will be available in the market. With referrals by Long Shui Zheng, a former legislator, “B-Tag system by Providence University” will cooperate with ROC Goods GS1 to efficiently export this B-Tag system that barcodes products’ database in order to provide a useful service.
      Prof. Hsiao Ping Li, the first sightless man who received a doctorate degree in Information from Taiwan and who is also involved in this research acknowledged that this result is so meaningful to him as a user and as one of the developers of this B-Tag system. 
      Prof. Hsiao Ping Li is Prof. Tzu Fang Hsu’s husband. They work together as a team at Providence University. This B-Tag is not their first work of developing the aids for sightless people. As a matter of fact, the IT industry knows a lot about their achievements. What a great job!