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Providence University Students Send Love to Northern Thailand by Washing Cars


     Providence University students rolled up their sleeves and washed the cars of the teachers and staff on the 26th to raise funds for their volunteer trip to northern Thailand.  Not only did the students earn money for their hard work but they also enjoyed the pleasure of helping others.
     Initiated by the Service Learning and Development Center, PU students and other 20 Macau students visiting Taiwan who upon hearing this fundraising event  gladly grabbed buckets and hoses to wash cars.
     Dai Yong Tian, a social worker at the Macau Fan Foundation Integrated Service Center said, “It was such a meaningful event; we are able to raise funds for the children in Northern Thailand.” Chen, another student from Macau said, “This event is worthwhile; we experienced the joy of giving.”
     PU Provost, Dr. Zeng Shou De noted, “We hope that this event will deliver the message; we started from our own students, hoping that this modest initiative will induce others to come forward with their own contributions, and teach them that  even the strength of one can make a big difference to do good.”