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International Double-Degree Doubles Your Power!


     Established in 2013, the International Business Administration Program at Providence University (PU) offers courses that are completely taught in English and grants students the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Students enrolled to this program are required to study abroad for a minimum of one year.  Moreover, they are also encouraged to accomplish and earn a double-degree from a partner university of PU.

     With the aim in view of having PU students broaden their horizons and enhance their academic quality and reputation, PU started offering excellent options by signing the 3+1 Double Degree Agreement with Cologne Business School and University of Technology Nuremberg in Germany and Rider University in the United States of America.  Students who aim to enhance their expertise and international experience in the field of business can have more opportunities to study abroad. Providence University is continuously opening its doors to a number of universities around the world to discuss 3+1, 2+2, 3+1+1 and similar programs that would benefit PU students in obtaining global knowledge and strengthen their professional skills through all kinds of double-degree, joint degree or exchange programs with all its partner universities.

     With the double-degree program, PU students have the chance to study and complete two degrees in two different universities across countries and graduate with two degrees, one Bachelor of Business Administration from PU and another degree, Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business with International Trade, or International Business with European Management from partner schools in the USA or Germany.

     PU believes that mobility and internationalization are the main attractions of this double-degree program. Not only are the students able to acquire expertise and specialization from these business-related programs but they also have a chance to learn what cannot be learned from a Taiwanese university like PU, such as having a personal experience in the European and American business world, interacting with other students of diversified backgrounds, workplace manners, professional ethics on an international stage and more.  These excellent opportunities can guarantee a bright future for our PU graduates.  Similarly, students from partner universities will have the same opportunity to receive a degree from Providence University based on the agreement and also enjoy the benefit of having study abroad.

     Knowing that this double-degree doubles students’ qualification, similar programs are also being constantly developed for other courses.  At present, PU is working with another university in the USA and quite a few European universities for Business and English double-degree. More students are expected to be benefiting from these programs.

     In line with this, Providence University is pleased to share with ACUCA members these schemes where students benefit the most.  And considering reciprocal principle and friendship between Providence University and ACUCA members, PU encourages all ACUCA members to also establish a double-degree program with PU for the mutual benefit of the students from both sides.  After all, as educators of the young, we believe that the progress of a nation lies with its youth- a powerful resource simplified by Benjamin Disraeli as, “The Youth of A Nation Are the Trustees of Posterity.”