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Providence University Promotes Exchange Program


    Providence University believes that in order to be “bridge to the world” and  overcome global competition, its students should have the experience of studying abroad and at the same time should create an international campus.  It is therefore, not a surprise that Providence University has been encouraging its students to study abroad through its 411Study Abroad Program.

PU has been a member of International Student Exchange Program otherwise known as ISEP, an organization with more than three hundred school members all over the world.  Through ISEP, Providence University, the only member university in Taiwan can help students send its students to other member universities abroad and let them study to gain international experience and be globally competitive.  
PU President Chuan-Yi Tang points out that the International education of Providence not only attracts foreigners to study here but it also inspires Taiwanese students to study abroad.  He says that the use of exchange students is a crucial basis to divide students and their learning environment as internal and international.

He also adds that, “as a Catholic university, our core value is to care for both local and international aspects, to cultivate a high-quality learning environment and produce graduates who have not only professional knowledge but also persons who have the sense of ethics.”

President Tang comments that the number of foreign student in Providence accounts for ten percent which is already very high considering the fact that foreign schools usually exchange instead of studying abroad. He says that Providence University can also do the same thing. 

He also adds that creating an international environment to attract foreign students to study inside PU, can infuse international view on the students who do not have the chance to study abroad. This action can also broaden their horizon.

Through the scholarships and the opportunities provided by PU, students have an easy access to study abroad and gain international experience.  Every year, PU sends 10 disadvantaged but deserving students abroad through ISEP where they only have to pay tuition and dormitory fee.  This, indeed, decreases financial pressure on the part of the students and the students’ family as well.