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PU Invents Voice Assistant Application for the Visually Impaired

    Providence University Research & Development Team utilizes the technique from Industrial Technology Research Institute to convert the Smart Phone Apps such as Message, E-mail, Phone Call, Electricity usage, LINE, etc. into Voice. On top of these,   it also provides Voice Assistant to make a phone call which is really convenient for the visually disabled.

Director De Tsai Ying of Computer Science & Communication Engineering says that “Voice Assistant” has two parts, namely; Voice Messageand Voice Calling. Voice Message makes LINE, SKYPE, FACEBOOK, Message, E-mail, Electricity usage into voice while Voice Calling lets the user make a phone call through voice.

Ms. Huan Sian Yang who is visually impaired, says that the smart phone has become an integral part of their lives. Not only is Voice Assistant very easy to learn and use but it also has an accessible operation which uses voice to make a phone call and receive messages as well.

As Providence University provides this free application to download for the visually impaired, you can go to http://goo.gl/VX5WTG