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PU International Volunteer Group Spreads Love to the Whole World

      In July, Providence University and Taichung Catholic Church teamed up to form four volunteer groups to go to the Kingdom of Swaziland, The North of Thailand, Mexico, and Japan in order to serve. BISHOP MARTIN YAO-WEN SU says that he wants to arouse the love, passion, and active humanitarian aid through this voluntary service. These volunteer groups have served for more than five years in the Kingdom of Swaziland which has the highest AIDS infection rate in the world.

Believing that love shortens the distance from people to people, JHOU RUEI-RUEI, who started this activity, mentions that they have already sent 3,000 T-shirts, and 10 hours free diagnosis every day. Simultaneously, they also visit local hospitals and schools to teach them some advanced medical knowledge.

         Meanwhile, the North of Thailand International Volunteer Group from Providence University has been to the remote Junior High School for the last eight years. Through public welfare, car washing, charity bazaar, and material collection, they have been able to help lots of disadvantaged minority. Moreover, by designing lively course and community service for them, they are able to help them acquire more valuable resources which they can use in their daily life.

           Administrators and Professors of Providence University encourage students to go abroad and learn the cultural differences and economic development of other countries. Through this voluntary service however they can make use of their professional skills to share and care for the impoverished   who need outside support.
           Serving voluntarily truly makes the difference in the world.  Keep up your good work!