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The Festive 2014 Sports Day At Providence University



This year’s Sports Day was held at Providence University on the 4th of December amidst rain and winter chill.  Everyone was excited as the program began with performances by the winning teams in the cheering competition.  They delighted the audience with their excellent show of sportsmanship and teamwork.  Their hard work was so evident they truly deserved to win this cheering competition.  Indeed, everyone watched with awe as the three winning teams performed. 

    Dr. Chuan Yi Tang, president of Providence University, mentioned that an alumnus from the Department of Chinese Literature qualified for Paralympics in 2016.  This he says serves as an inspiration to PU students as regards overcoming challenges and difficulties that come their way.  He was also quoted as saying, “although some obstacles are inevitable, we still have to confront them and constantly improve ourselves just like the prominent basketball players, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.”

    What was impressive about the Sports Day show was that it combined boxing, aerobics, cheerleading dance, tai chi, modern dance, and Latin dance, all performed by over 2000 people.

    All the heads from the different departments also participated in a variety of competition. The cheering from the crowd and their respective departments added a lot of excitement to the games.  What a wonderful day!  Hooray!!!!