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PU Welcomes University of the West Indies and International Guests

Providence University (PU) continues to enlarge its number of partnerships with institutions around the world. With the addition of the University of the West Indies, Bridgetown, the PU list of Academic Exchange Partners is now up to 126. In the past weeks, the Office of International Affairs has warmly welcomed the following honorable guests: 

Ms. Chin Ning and Ms. Dominique Luthringer from the Study Abroad Foundation;
Dr. Steven Harvey, with Miss Tanya, from Southern New Hampshire University;
Vice Presidente Dr. Ma Noemi Dominguez Garcia, from Salamanca University, Spain;

Mrs. Lekje Smit and Mr. Frans Somers, from the University Groningen, Netherland;
Mr. Dual Wu, Director of Holland Education Center, Taiwan Office;
Dr. Yriko Kite, Director of International Education, Kansai University, Japan; and
Dr. Shimazu Momoyo, Project Manager, Division of International Affairs, Kansai University, Japan 

Dean Liao Ming Hong , faculty members:  Mr.Ling Guin Hui, Mr. Shi Liang, Mr. Lu Fu Mei, and  Mr. Hsia Ho Jian Bing from the State Demonstrative Software School, Xiamen University, P.R.C.