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Providence University—first to offer a Volunteer Program


Five years ago, Providence University was the first university in Taiwan to offer students a volunteer program.   The Common Wealth Foundation and City Foundation had continued to encouraged students to volunteer their services. This year seven colleges and universities along with about 500 hundred students around the island were recognized for teaching English in the  elementary schools in the rural areas, especially those whose students are unable to attend cram school and who haven’t  learned even the alphabet.  Chen Shaing Juin,  a Providence University   graduate student, commented that  the children’s smiles make her happier than what she would earn from a cram school.   This news was reported by the United Daily News Group, The Liberty Times and National Education Radio.

Jitseng Wen Hua Fuwuse , one of the Providence University school clubs that serves the grassroots, has been cited for its excellence in a competition sponsored by the Taiwan Ministry  of Education in which one-hundred sixty-one schools (161) and 354 clubs participated.  The club’s services include winter and summer activities, projects and teaching in elementary and junior high schools.