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Accounting Major students use a “Stock Recommendation Meeting” to explore the complexity of Macroeconomics.

On May 27th, Providence University hosted a “Stock Recommendation Meeting” to show that the Providence University accounting course can also be multifaceted and rich in its experience.  To peak students’ interests in Macroeconomics, the students were designated as “stock analysts”. They had to combine their academic and practical knowledge using macroeconomics and indices, related policies and financial analysis, newspaper reports, and professionally related internet information, and then give the chosen company and its industry a comprehensive analysis.  The “investors” then voted for the stock of their choice, and the number of votes became the student’s mid-term grade.

Professor Liu, Chi Pei, in charge of “Macroeconomics”, pointed out that economics and daily life are closely related.  Through this activity, she hoped to teach the application of professional knowledge and theories to practical activities so to cultivate students’ analytical, research and market prediction abilities, to encourage students to continue to absorb domestic and international financial related information, and to gain valuable experiences.  Most importantly, she wanted the students to pay attention to details, and to bravely accept challenges!

The “Stock recommendation Meeting” was hosted by 7 groups of students.  Each team acted as a “stock analyst” and recommended   7 companies’ stocks.  Each person in the class had a vote to give 100 points.  The votes were recorded, and the total sum of voting points became the student’s mid-term scores.

Pressure served as a motivator and enabled the students to have an in-depth knowledge of the industries and the companies. “It’s tough to persuade the audience to invest!” said Lai, Yi  Luen, an accounting major.  “During the competition, one has to combine theory with practical applications.”    

Chuang, Jia Xien, a sophomore in Accounting and one of the stock analysts, felt that this competition was a big challenge.  Although they do not have actual stock market experience,  the power of teamwork helped the group members to work together in collecting  data, discussing the rationale, compiling  information, accurately monitoring and analyzing the stock market and understanding the industrial trends.  Sharpening their logical analysis and ability to adapt quickly were the biggest rewards.