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Contest for a Creative and Healthful Dessert


The Food and Nutrition Department sponsored an exhibit on Nutrition as a Profession and Healthful Ideas. One of the events was a contest in creating desserts.  The dessert has to be prepared within 60 minutes; ingredients must cost less than $30, and contain less than 200k in calories,  low  salt, low sugar, low fat, and be high in calcium and fiber.  The first prize was awarded to YI-Fang Dong ‘s group. The dessert entry was entitled:  “The Beauty of Fresh Orange Fruit”. This dessert was considered inexpensive because oranges are in season, the fruit is rich in vitamin C,  and is believed to have  whitening and anti-aging  substance.
From  research projects with government agencies, prominent food enterprises, hospitals  and restaurants,  Department of Food and Nutrition graduates  are frequently employed  as nutritionists, nutrition or business administrators, researchers, food technicians, food hygienists and teachers.