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Graduation Ceremony held for 28th Overseas Youth Skills-Training Course


Providence University, Chinese Culture University and Feng Chia University joined together on December 21, 2010, to hold the Graduation Ceremony for the 28th Overseas Youth Skills-Training Course. Sixteen students had learned the various skills in dancing, acting, baking, bartending and modeling.

Demonstrations of their new skills during their graduation ceremony included an exhibit of their formulated cosmetics, modeling of their designed clothing, and the serving of concocted drinks, snacks, delicate cakes, and western meals.

President Tang affirmed that the overseas studentsˇ¦ training is beneficial in their continuing education. The skills will equip them for future intercultural interaction; furthermore, the training provides overseas youth with a first-hand experience of life and culture in Taiwan, a wise choice for those young people who are able to take advantage of this unique opportunity. 


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