School History

       In 1920, Sister Marie Gratia Luking (1885-1964) from Providence Saint Mary of the Woods, Indiana first arrived in China for missionary. In 1921, she founded Hua-Mei Girls’ Middle School and Elementary School. And then in 1932, Ching-Yi Girls’ High School in Kaifeng, Henan was founded and named “Ching-Yi” after the American foundress Sister Marie Gratia Luking’s Chinese name “ Ching-Yi Lu.” In 1948, she moved to Taiwan and began to actively reinstall the school. In 1949, “Catholic English Supplementary School was established.”  In 1953, the dormitory was built in Fu-Shin Road, Taichung City. In 1956 the establishment of “Providence Junior College for Women” was officially approved by the Department of Education, laying out a solid foundation for today’s Providence University.

       Since 1963, based on its excellence, the school was promoted to “Providence College of Arts and Sciences for Women.” In the Fall of 1987, the school was relocated to the current address in Shalu District, Taichung City. The new school ranges for about 30 hectares, with complete hardware and software infrastructures, first-rate groups of faculty member from each department, and the size of a comprehensive University. In 1989, the school was promoted to “Providence University for Women.” And again in 1993, the school began to admit male student and changed to “Providence University.”